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TACHELES BIENNALE 2012 / 11.02.-01.05.2012 -english-

TACHELES BIENNALE 2012 / 11.02.-01.05.2012



Actually the arthouse Tacheles celebrates it`s foundation day on the 13th of Febuary every year since 1990 with a big workshow of all Tacheles artists, but these times are over.
To distance ourself from populistic and religious fuss and to take account of the developements of the contemporary sellout of Berlin and the standard living conditions we created the Tacheles Biennale. The TB 2012 runs under the motto Art & Politics.
Which theme could be more obvious, since there is no better way to make the connection between art and politics tangible than to place it on the grounds of Tacheles?

To go for and with the contemporary flow of mimicking the strategies of the slick art circus and show carefully selected, pleasingly „political“ art with a gesture of consensual dismay does not seem to be desirable to us. In the contrary: It is boring.

The Biennale is a tool we want to use to create awareness. Starting with the opening on the 11th of Febuary 2012 in the Golden Salon (Goldener Saal) with the participation of musicians of the Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Philharmony and the Berlin Opera, to the grand solo exhibition of Alexander Rodin in Potsdam, the TB 2012 runs under the motto of „real-time art and acion-driven politics“. Maybe it is about time to re- locate „political contents“, that means to allocate the subject to the place it should have been put down years ago: the trash pile of history.
The Arthouse Tacheles has the possibility to reflect integration, asynchrony and inhomogeneity like no other place in Berlin, and it does not have to follow some strange methods of cultural management. Without being bound to any kind of suggestions or restrictions of sponsors and foundations, Tacheles Biennale can draw on unlimited resources.

The Tacheles Biennale reflects a pseudo- democratic view of the world and it`s creators. As morally lost viewers we degrade ourselves to bystanders of a political spectacle which draws it`s best moments from sometimes unmasking the ugly face of crime and corruption in the parallel world of political, economical and cultural profiteering. Usually we are taught to take this corruptness as a sign of a well or at least functioning free marketplace... Is flaring up a pithy outrage all our narrow-minded society is able to react with when we are allowed to snatch an extra bone of amusement?

The Tacheles Biennale incorporates these literally speaking plot lines (what they are in this political comedy) and transforms the results of reflections into a visible and tangible art scene, from demonstrations to classic exhibitions.
The festival is self- organizing, the singular events and artistic standpoints become a statement between accurate contemporary art and realistic politics- therefore their contents are dangerous as such.
As an answer to the bigotry of romancing over the swarm as we see it these days in public dialogue as cheap spirit of the times, we frame a modest riot of good sense.
In the creative process of three and a half months of the Tacheles Biennale contemporary art will comment on, supervise and deal with the political and economical wheelings and dealings as a chance to experiment in a crisis which was produced by finance and therefore by possession per se.

The invitations are sent out, free entrance in all it`s discrepancy is granted, provocation as art is boring, but art as politics makes systems and financial markets sweat.
Enjoy the show or don`t- with the TB 2012 event of your choice!

translated by: Silver Silver-Silver (Miriam Wuttke)

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