Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Barbara Fragogna - “interior design” (Tacheles Biennale2012)

Barbara Fragogna | “interior design”
Painting selection 2008-2011

Opening | Thursday 12.4.2012 - 7pm
opening hours: daily 10:00 - 20:00 Uhr

DEHiG - Deutsche Erste Hilfe Gesellschaft mbH
Hauptverwaltung Panoramastr. 1 D-10178 Berlin

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“Consecutive to joy and indulgence there is ecstasy. Our ability to understand would position this last step beyond the borders of physical awareness. When we reach this border, ecstasy is a mere deception to our mind. Our consciousness and the certainty of our mortality allow us to be aware of the borders of our own sensory surrounding in the moment of ecstasy. The consolidation and the intensifying of our abilities could help us to overcome the borders of the space given to us. When we overstep everything imaginable, transgression is almost tangible. Inside of it there is no negative entity since the only goal is to overcome the entity of self. But what lays behind the border of physical and mental perception? Inside of these characteristics of the „outside“- Would ecstasy mean nothing else but death? At least, the evidence of death instinct would be emphasized by it. The artistic oeuvre can reveal the balance between ecstasy and the two opposing instincts which make us what we are. We play with our death as if we wanted to affirm that we are alive. We touch transgression as if we wanted to have an evidence of our existence. It is the equilibrium more than the contradiction which allows us to finally float towards our own pacification. The contradiction of our instincts makes us to who we are and it is the circulation of these streams which characterizes us.”
Abstract from Elisa Ganivet’s text “Viscerally Yours,”, 2011


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