Samstag, 29. September 2018

The mainstream-religious lies about data privacy.

The mainstream-religious lies over data privacy. [translated by Malte Forstat]

Holy and self-serving – in front of the EU Parliament, young Master Zuckerberg did justice to his spin doctors, acted his age and thanks to his limited general knowledge, he might even have blabbed a bit. The EU Parliament – both toothless and powerless – provided him with a soap box to stand up and advertise his company. And the multitudes of smombies, intoxicated by electronics, can get nice and angry over a scandal that isn’t one. And as far as Germany is concerned, it all acts as a distraction from a real scandal – a crime actually committed by the state: the scandalous sale of personal data by the Deutsche Post. You are free to join or leave Facebook – your choice. Something similar to, but much worse than ‘shadow profiles’ is generated by all public registration offices, the police, the inland revenue, the privatised (and all of them are!) health insurance companies and the German mail service.

Not to mention the advertising industry, which even generates detailed movement profiles and makes it possible for their customers to stuff targeted and … spam ads into the faces of the smombiefied Borg via ‘Pushtech’. Then there is also the shadow-profile artists of Payback, Amazon, Paypal as well as, horror of horrors, the cash-free payments via debit cards – etc., etc., etc. A healthy degree of paranoia is well in order. See also Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. But wait, there is more:

The debate over data privacy is a like chasing a shadow – and, at closer observation it turns out to be a gigantic con trick. It is, simply and plainly, no longer possible. It is merely a tool for keeping an obsolete and overly bureaucratic superstructure afloat with tax money and cementing the powerlessness of the ordinary citizen. Where would we be, if everybody was able to do what is easily done by any common public office, secret service, Internepp company or hacker.

Of course, Fakebook, Sinistragram and all the rest of them – the antisocial media – are influencing political decision-making processes. The same is true for the German Mail that flogged the data of innocent citizens to the highly nocent Christian Democrats or the extremely dodgy … of the Liberal Democratic Party, but also for the good old hypocritical ad poster. Data privacy as it is currently being discussed oppresses exactly those that it claims to protect: Against the common, not necessarily tech-savvy citizen of European society. Data privacy protects intellectual property – a contradiction in terms – and the manipulation of markets. It pushes people to oppose each other, builds superhighways for fascists, and worse. The aggressive non-protection of data by governments, sold as actual privacy, first and foremost prevents societal change and the application of the wonderful technology that computers are to the benefit of all. Data protection keeps the masses stupid, so who can blame Zuckerberg & Co. for also wanting to march in that particular parade.

Under the conditions of ubiquitous connectedness, data protection is just impossible. Maybe we are simply too young – evolutionarily speaking – and haven’t learned yet to handle this ‘binary computations’ tool that we have created.

Under conditions of capitalist competition, computer-tech may actually be impossible without sooner (20 years) or later (40 years) irrevocably driving the world into ruin.

The new privacy protection legislation will never keep the likes of Zuckerberg and Apple, or any hate mongers or Home Office spies in check. It will only make the ‘digital lives’ of most people even more unfathomable, controllable, unfree and most of all: more expensive. And oh, lest I forget: Data protection can also help to subvert net neutrality (i.e. equal treatment of ALL online data).

That’s it for today. Come back next lesson where the topic will be: “What computer systems are really capable of – AI as a diversion”. Then we will be dealing with probability theory, statistics, logics, exponential functions and the Taylor series – so be prepared!

PS: Is a formal warning letter (from a money-hungry representative of the legal industry) even in accordance with the GDPR? After all, the recipient never gave his consent to the use of his or her data for such a purpose. Furthermore, the unauthorised use of the data was actually for the purpose of making a profit at the expense of the wronged party. There are interesting times ahead, if ever a legal mind decides to take this to its logical conclusion.

Besides, I am convinced that Trumpism & Co. has to be destroyed.

If fear and malice are seen as reasonable, resistance becomes a civic duty.

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