Donnerstag, 4. April 2019

Faithfully considered, ‘Religio-’ is the greatest con of all.

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[caption:] No religion should be part of this world… Dangerous criminals and rapists only deserve limited rights. These days, in this our twenty-first century, the ‘human right’ to freedom of religion has been turned into the opposite of human rights as a whole. Current religiously motivated practices have superseded the right to dignified human existence and are thereby a contradiction of the seemingly humanitarian concept behind the human rights in general.

When the highest representative of the faith most notorious for child abuse – the Pope in Rome – gathers together the abusive multitudes, we need to be on red alert. It is said that the purpose of this event is to ‘re-evaluate’ the Criminal History of Christianity. For the millionth time, the largest criminal organisation in human history is trying to pull its neck out of the noose of the enlightenment.

And to a certain extent, they will once again manage to do so. Superstition is deeply rooted in the human condition; the brain will happily make the body believe anything in order to keep it alive. Religion is an archaic form of social policy that preys on people’s emotions and their longing for spirituality and ‘a being higher or other than oneself’. In light of the history of civilisation, the sense of religion has long been in doubt, even as that ‘sense of purpose’ was pushed ahead using mass murder, bloodshed and tears. It was only the Enlightenment that brought about further cultural achievements. However, all over the world, those are currently being pushed back by right-wing dunderheads, retro-Nazis, the finance capital and, needless to say, faith-based groups.

One topical example, a mere 14 centuries ago, is Islam. …/An honest-to-God camel herdsman marries his – slightly wilted – superior to get his hands on money and power. Following her demise, he immediately founds a heavily armed roving warrior ‘nation’ and, taking a leaf from the Greeks, the Jews and the Romans (Christians), he quickly conquers himself an ‘empire’. This violent superstition, with its Judeo-Christian trappings, persists into the present day, with an immediate impact on the people subjected to its rule. It serves as a rallying cry for all kinds of holy warriors and, most of all, as a tool for suppressing the female half of Muslim societies and for cementing the power hegemony of the clerics.

With their most recent conference, Christendom seeks to save the Catholic church – and they will successfully do so. That is a catastrophe. All Christian churches will come to their own inhumane conclusions. As a result, all of these Jesus sects – from Catholics and Orthodox at the end, via hysterical Protestants to the Coptic origins – will remain a cesspool to catch the sewage of organised crime, war mongering, money laundering and (not only sexualised) violence against people.

Instead of being disowned and shunned, the freedom of religious worship will continue to undermine human rights in general.

So progressive, democratically minded and cosmo-political people will only have to console themselves with the following motto: God and intelligence are not part of the universe – it works without them.

... and: Morality has nothing to do with religion. In fact, the opposite is the case, as demonstrated by the history of religions – on any continent and in any era.

Anyone still keen on having a part of this monotheism scam, could do worse than getting a load of the unutterably bad novel series Warhammer 40,000: The whole genocidal story, just wrapped up as SciFi. Definitely more realistic and Roman than the longwinded pamphlet that is the Bible.

*************************************************************************** If fear and malice are seen as reasonable, resistance becomes a civic duty.

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