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There is just one way to go – we need to conquer space now – Deep Space Industries

(Pix: Ion-Jet)
Martin L. Reiter translated by Malte Forstat

Humans are a rest- and ruthless species. We seem to need new shores to strive for and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles (enemy stereotypes). Like locusts, we have ravished that nice watery world that had nourished us so badly, that we are now, literally, finding it hard to breathe. There is now just one way to go: skywards.

The gods have long had to file for bankruptcy and have cleared out of their abodes. The amount of abandoned real estate in the universe is massive, with useful stuff everywhere and free for the taking. So let us up sticks and once again go squatting (constructively).

We all know that our delusions as well as our creativity knows no bounds: We continue to achieve anything – from the pedal-powered jet engine to nuclear physics.

So what would be more obvious than reaching for the stars? The universe is a reasonably sized place or state of mind. With more than a hundred billion galaxies and a mass of about 10 to the 53rd kilos it appears to be smaller than we originally thought it was.

Everything revolves – all is in motion. In other words: Almost infinite energy – free for the taking. The only thing to consider is how to pay for the transfer of energy. Spaceship rental – ‘Only 1 euro per day’ – seems like a promising future business model.

Space has abundant lithium, rare earth metals, ice, gold and diamonds; not to mention solar winds and their energy potential. Deep Space Industries is a NASA/ESA spinoff company that is currently venturing into new worlds where no worker or miner has gone before.

Everything revolves around the issue of finances and their political real-world implications. Suggesting that global oligarchs and the financial system would loosen their grip on power voluntarily is naïve.

It is a quasi-religious phantasm of the Left that the status quo could be altered or reversed by revolution or reasonable persuasion. We have to allow the blood-thirsty idiocy inherent in our economic system to, gradually, run its course.

The next 20 to 40 years might serve as a transitional phase. The military-industrial complex in Russia, the U.S., Europe and China that, covertly, dominates the world could remain in place. It simply needs to be transformed into a space-industrial complex.

And that would even take care of the psychological state of mind of this male-dominated world, however doomed to failure it may ultimately be. Firing rockets into space also makes whoosh-boom noises, bangs, thunders and spews fire all over the landscape. And those who feel they need it for their self-esteem, could even wear some lovely uniforms.

The production capabilities could be maintained for the time being – building lunar mining machines instead of tanks, or thrusters for Deep Learning Robot Probes instead of surface-to-surface missiles. Instead of combat drones, we will eventually send AI droids on reconnaissance missions to the asteroid belt.

The jobs in today’s arms and automotive industries will remain, and the moronic competition among nations could also continue, as in: “Whoever is the first to find and quarry the rare earth metals, makes the greatest profits.” Slowly but surely the generations of former cold and hot warriors would finally achieve their biological destiny, i.e. they would die out. New generations would eventually be able to leave behind the destructive legacy of their past.

But to get there requires a new space race. And this one promises rich rewards to our mafia-esque and greed-driven market – and is even able to deliver them. Once the first diamond the size of Mount Everest has been located, the entire system of financial capitalism would be turned on its head anyway. Even today we can see some first approaches in that direction: Space X, Space Dev, SpaceRef and many others are already setting off towards that destination.

Whether this would result in lasting peace, sound judgement or more social patterns of behavior can seriously be doubted. However, the destructive energies inherent in being human would no longer be focused inwards on ourselves, but would be redirected beyond earth. In other words: a ‘safety valve of hatred’ pointed at the cosmos.

Once we are all busy cavorting around various asteroids or Mars, the moon, Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Titan, light minutes or even light seconds apart, space fascism becomes absolutely impossible. With their different trajectories, every shot, fired at speeds of many thousands of kilometers per hour or minute, is a clearly unsolvable challenge.

With the TV adaptation of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck's novels, the entertainment industry advertises our next necessary step in the realm of popular culture. The Expanse describes the world of the 23rd century where humanity has settled the inner solar system and makes use of the asteroid belt to serve a human purpose.

After the inner solar system has been conquered, it is high time to follow in the wake of those two tin cans sent on their way in the 1970s: Voyagers I and II. Escape II, an artistic idea from 1990 to promote the takeover of the universe would be a feasible possibility.

Advanced materials developed in the 27 years since then have made this project conceivably more possible.

The technology and the mission profiles need to be brought up to date. Hybrid propulsion configurations instead of a solar sail that goes slack a few AUs out. Solar sails, ion drive, nuclear pulse propulsion combined with elegant gravitational sling shot effects should easily power a space ship on its way out of our solar system.

The mission profile should be subject to prior public deliberation. However, it seems like a good idea to consider the possibility that we will encounter and will have to negotiate with more senior tenants of the universe.

Instead of remaining on this half-poisoned planet and drowning in this bomb crater of globalized civil war, let us set off to colonize the stars while our spirits are high – SO OFF WE GO.

Wenn Angst und Bösartigkeit zur Vernunft wird, ist Widerstand Pflicht.

Rinks und Lechts - ist nicht die Frage.

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