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Freqs of Nature 2017 - AtariHardCore@tachelesHangar - Katalog

Kunsthaus-Tacheles-Hangar @ Freqs of Nature 2017 - Alexander Rodin, Chris Rautenberg & Martin L. Reiter.

Alexander Rodins paintings tell a endless story as the artist himself do. Alex love Freqs of Nature and all the friendly humans there ...
The sign tablet at the entrance of the exhibition is part of the installation "pop-religious things" - german translation: "populärreligiöses Zeug".

And somewhere out on the Freqs festival field there was another beam of golden signs corresponding with the installation at tacheles-hangar the question was: will somebody realize that there is an connection ? And yes two visitors ask about the second beam of signs - some people see a lot some don`t .

The middelrange-tree is an ground to ground rocket engine out of cold war sovjetunion times connected to an dead tree. make art not war.

DD1E is watching recording and security for the private zone; burratino is hanging around as usual and "argument 114" (the heavy two hand hammer) is waiting for action....

The reliquia series take-4: "ET`s Baby"[german translation: ET war gelandet] the proof of aliens on earth more then 70 000 years ago.

"GapMan_2017" extended version, surveillance camera jammer, Wifi-blackholes, parabolic microphone, infrared cracker and more ... a true CopyReiter-Joint

"Global Warming" ready made on acryl on wooden planks 2,5m x 2,5m. Ready made was found at the village Altes Lager near Jüterbog. It is an plastic trashcan burned down by some wired youngsters art can be so true sometimes ...

The sign the second out on the field of Freqs - a free floating part of the "populärreligiöses Zeug" installation at Tacheles-Hangar.

Marion Lefebure and Alexander Rodin, two great artists talking about the world the art and the damned rest ...

Opening on 06.07.2017 the crowd was impressed and the discussions with the artists Rodin, Rautenberg, Reiter lasted for days...

Alex and Balu cover the Zeno-Moped (the one and only dimensionchanger) with their ideas ...

During the festival thousands of visitors enjoyed the big oilpaintings of Rodin the political collages of Rautenberg and the weired installations of AtariHardCore - it was an pleasure to discuss with the audience and the other artists of the festival about the shown stuff.

The installation "pop-religious things" - german translation: "populärreligiöses Zeug" with the golden USS-Kelvin and the gods number 23 to number 25 welcomed the visitors.

The Zeno-Moped is an dimensionchanger massagepad 26 inch and an 16 inch bassspeaker shake your body stroblight and a spinning golden spiral disc turn you into a left spinning universe - or not - its up to you ...

Holy-Shit a reliquia about hinduism shown the mouse of Ganesh the dick of Shiva and the bones of Krishnas cow.

The installation "schneller Brüter" heated up a brain made out of clay by Barbara Fragogna. The brain did not come to life but we tryed ...

Smombie-X Autonom is a piece of the series "postbiologische Maschinen" an autonomious smartphone do not need an owner or operator anymore.

The Zeno-Moped turned a lot of people into the left spinning universe they all where extremly relaxed afterwards.

Thanks for the nice time and the attention you spent on our exhibition and special thanks to Ankur, Nathalie, Ralph, Ralph, Tommi, Tobi and Chris for inviting us this year....

Wenn Angst und Bösartigkeit zur Vernunft wird, ist Widerstand Pflicht.

Rinks und Lechts - ist nicht die Frage.

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+Holy Shit

+Boden-Bodenrakete, Mofauspuff oder Raumschiff


+Die Union des Nahen Ostens - Die Zukunft kann schön werden ...

+Lecture und Diskussion: kunzt-berlin-tacheles Minsk06_05_2k17

+Teilen oder Sterben

+Wenn der Hund die Flöhe loswird - mal ein Gedicht speibm

+Der digitale Imperativ in Pryzhani 300km südwestlich von Minsk

+Es gibt nur mehr eine Richtung - we should conquer space now - Deep Space Industries

+DACH - the ghost of Tacheles 28_04_2017 Verh/Minsk/Belarus

+Zurück in einer längst vergangenen Zukunft - oder auch nicht...

+You not in a different Galaxie you just in another Universe - Exit vom Brexit, so klug sind sie nicht...

+Heraus zum ersten Mai

+Den Droiden Persönlichkeitsrechte verpassen

+Niederlage oder Niederlage

+Die Welt ist eine menschliche Konstruktion - Fake News halten uns am Leben im Falschen.

+MOAB - Mother Of All Bombs - WAG THE DOG

+Minsk-Berlin 2017 ein Tachelestreffen in Belarus

+Berlin von hinten


+Alles und Mehr - in 10 Minuten

+Das Automobil kehrt dahin zurück wo es herkommt-in den Krieg.

+Krautfunding für die KunZT

+Europa gegen den Nationalismus

+TachelesArchiv präsentiert: Global Backup II - Andreas Schiller

+Das goldene Alb

+Für Europa ohne Grenzen, für einen politisch geeinten Kontinent-Sonntag 19.03.2017 Gendarmenmarkt

+Wer bastelt mit

+Bahnhof paniert

+Sag zum Abschied leise Arschloch - AFD zur ALA umbauen...

(B +Bayern wird frei - "Gefährder" sollen ohne Rechtsstaatlichkeit eingesperrt werden

+Mut zur Wahrheit - die Zweite: Höcke B. ist kein Mensch

+Nichtraum für die Kunzt - ein Nachruf

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