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“ Crowdfunding” of the Art House Tacheles. After Berlin politics have dramatically failed both in urban planning and finance plans, the speak person for Culture Senate of this city has promised to private investor a funding support coming from the State Treasury. Is this maybe a reward and an acknowledgement for having destroyed the cultural landmark that Tacheles represents?

Now let’s try we ourselves as artists to collects the silly 3,5 millions € needed to save our Art House.

Make now your donation for the purchase of an Art House that MUST remain an autonomous reality rather than a location for Senate sponsored events such as the Fashion Week or for other provincial supposedly cultural events. So now everyone has the chance to buy contemporary art at a bargain price through the “Save Now Tacheles” Campaign. Since Berlin politics have demonstrated total inability to keep the city out of misery, we are now all encouraged to make something good out of it just by ourselves. Along the past 23 years people have been able to change the city of Berlin into a sustainable cultural industry marked by a more balanced relationship between tourism and authentic artistic production. The Culture Senate on the contrary has registered never-ending failures in pursuing this important goal. The Senator for Culture would rather let inflated rents to be paid (as showed in the instance of the Grips Theater) to savage and private investor that operate on the border of illegality such as Mr. Anno August Jagdfeld and his neo-feudal clan. Tacheles wants to stop or at least give a break to this miserable regressive developments. STAND BY US – EVERY AND EACH CENT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

We need to build a new world, art can help us. Tacheles artists and all those that will use the big resources that this institution stands for thank you all in advance.

We are all fighting for the preservation and the maintenance of the independent and open Arthouse Tacheles in Berlin Mitte. Help us to save and develop this one of a kind international production and exhibition space for contemporary art of all genres.

When we talk about us, we mean the team around Linda Cerna, Barbara Fragogna and Martin Reiter plus, above all, a large number of artists and supporters, who are connected to the arthouse.

Tacheles is, since 22 years, the independent and open ground for contemporary art in Berlin. Visitors can witness the processes of art production, see experimentation and independent innovation far off the art market in direct contact and exchange with the artists.

Since many years a private investor as well as HSH Northbank have been trying to kick the artists out of the house to shut Tacheles down. The artists were forced to bear a lot of calamities: The water was turned off, walls and fences were built around the house, exhibitions were broken into and pieces of art were destroyed. Eventually, in March 2012, 50 guards of a private security firm tried to occupy the house to close it down for the artists and the public. But by decision of Berlin court the artists could return to the house after three days of peaceful demonstration and endurance in front of the building. The doors were open again!

Despite of all circumstances and despite of all the illegal actions against the artists we will not stop to secure the site of Arthouse Tacheles as a open, public and international production location of contemporary art. We will not allow private investors` interest combined with the inactivity of politicians to irretrievably destroy the self-organized art and culture project. This project was built by thousands of artists in the last 22 years and draws about 500.000 visitors each year from all over the world.

On June 20 2012, another negotiation on eviction was being held at Berlin County Court, and this could mean the final shutdown of the house.

And this is what we have to prevent in the last minute. This is the reason why the Foundation Tacheles which is standing in the course of formation, has to act as buyer of the building in Berlin Mitte. Due to an expert valuation of county court we need 3.580.000 EUR or $4398855 in order to do that.

– And thus we need your help!

Many well-known artists are willing to provide their work for the crowdfunding campaign so that the supporters will not only make a major contribution to save the house but also can get an original work of art in return.

We are not talking about less than the protection of the freedom of art and the necessity of open and accessible locations of art and culture in our societies worldwide. Support the Arthouse Tacheles, donate and spread this appeal…

Tacheles Foundation stands for:

1. Keeping, protecting and developing the Arthouse Tacheles / Berlin as a self-managed center to produce and present contemporary art works. As a think tank for the integration of new technologies to art, as well their social and cultural implications. As an international venue for the free theater and the dance scene.

2. Management of exhibitions and symposiums, promoting artistic and cultural exchanges at an international level. Establishing the Tachele school, organizing exchange projects in an international teaching and scientific framework.

3. Supporting contemporary art and technological development, researching and processing the social impacts of the cultural industry and technology in a parliamentary/democratic consumer society.


Wir müssen eine neue Welt bauen, die Kunst kann uns dabei helfen, es bedanken sich im Vorraus die Künstler des Tacheles und alle die, die das Kunsthaus in der Zukunft bespielen und nutzen werden.

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