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14th July TACHELES UNPLUGGED – We stay all

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Il crowdfunding della Kunsthaus Tacheles.


This weekend starts the action weeks at Kunsthaus Tacheles. The forced administrator Schwemer, Titz and Tötter whose henchmen is Schultz from Schultz and Seldeneck and the violent, right extremist private security that they are paying have cut the electricity at Kunsthaus Tacheles. TACHELES UNPLUGGED but open more than ever, the art house is disconnected but open as never before.

After the inertia of Berlin politics has destroyed the cultural life of Berlin Mitte, the artists try once again to convince otherwise the minority that wants to close the Kunsthaus in Oraninenburgerstrasse.

Performance, music, painting, sculpture and experimental art will wait for visitors coming to the city center in the following weeks. Next days in TACHELES will be filled with ART and LIFE, come and experience life at Tacheles, get information and little tours about what has been happening in the last years and of how financial market dynamics and politics raped this art house and the culture of this city.

Come by, have a look at how meanness and speculation have ruined and disabled a successful art context. Experience dull private security at their non-work, discover the charm of a video of private surveillance of public spaces without the police taking action. Learn to live in the immediate future of Tacheles 2012.

Experience guided tours with certified Tacheles Artists, their first hand talks will explain you how people responsible for this art house destruction are now trying to take over the Tacheles logo and denigrate present and past Tacheles artists with their future pseudo cultural investment projects.

Should you witness in the future which investment projects these so called (they are not) investors have done, you will be confronted with the emergence of a real estate bubble that has eventually destroyed our living standards. Enjoy authentic contemporary art in all its unpleasant contradictions.

Contemporary painting by Alexander Rodin, performances and installations by Mitrich, Japaranoia noise performance ... Guided tours with Linda Cerna, Martin Reiter, live music by Bruno Di Martino, Urban Art Clash Live Painting, Tropical Manufaktura in the 3rd floor of the house, video projections from Argentina, supporters signatures installation of Petrov Ahner ...... and much more! ... Starting from Saturday, daily from 12 clock.

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