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Love your cars while you still can …

translated by Malte Forstat

(Image: The future of individual motoring is laid out clear as day…)

[german version]

Germania-Land is debating a speed limit of 130 kph on the FuKritikdesign translated by Malte Forstat’s Autobahns. The minister of transport – let him remain unnamed at this point, to deprive him of the oxygen of attention – has commented that “…this would go against common sense.”

On the one hand, that is easy for him to say, as he is quite common, while on the other hand, he has very little sense: He is mostly just a member of the ‘Christian’ Social Union, a man obsessed with his career and a lackey of the automotive industry. But he still IS a human being, albeit of the inhumane, egomaniac/Catholic/mentally deranged variety. Ultimately, it was people like him that were meant by that first of all of the yellow-vests in his sermon on the mount: “Blessed are the mentally poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – which is exactly where this political clown ought to be.

Which brings us back to tonight’s topic: Speed limits for German speed freaks is a political impossibility, so here is a different suggestion: For a limited period, let’s have a ban on all traffic rules and speed limits on our beloved Schickelgruber speedways, while at the same time disabling all the breaks.

Ka-boom! … The problem – ‘petrolheadedness’ – solves itself. And as a bonus, it will take the strain off pension funds and our children’s children will be grateful. Blessed are the throttle jockeys, for at last they are in Heaven!

*************************************************************************** If fear and malice are seen as reasonable, resistance becomes a civic duty.

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