Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

For me the scandal about Arthouse-Tacheles never stops - with the request for help!

[Pix: Francisco Vasconcelos ... Thx to Francisco, Tacheles is actually a little bit like heroin "difficult to get rid of it.")


Dear Friends

With a heart of sadness I turn to you today. In general snoring and money, is not my thing. A big mistake, but "nobody is perfect".

Some of you will remember the conflicts about Kunsthaus Tacheles. The policy was officially positiv about - but behind the scenes - always against the Kunsthaus. To push through the privatization of the property, to expel the artists and get the Tacheles branding in their fingers the investors did everything possible. Cleavage and everyone against anybody strategies in the house itself, money shoppers and even "cultural managers", against idealists and creatives from the beginning. Tacheles was an reality simulator or - "why nothing is as it seems" - as in real life as well.

One of the focal points was always the conflict between the cafe-crew and the wild petty trades against the artists. Especially in the most successful time of the house (in this period it became world famous, ending with 500,000 visitors a year- counted without all the cafe-visitors) made relevant resistance work against repression and brought art and legal questions into the feuilletons and on the economic and cultic pages of media and newspapers all around the world the conflict raged hardest form 2007 to 2012.

The tenant of the cafe sued the association the boards God and the world. The artists and organizers of Tacheles with indications provisional injunctions, and court rulings were harassed on the model of the customary abuse of the rights of large conglomerates with endless campaigns of action and irrational writings to the judge.

There was also an interim injunction against me personally no longer to enter parts of the free space behind the house. Since we were at this time in countless projects against the imminent eviction of the house 2007-2012 - I did not care about this disposition and the "forbidden" parts of the free space where not longer entered by me. They were anyway a sort of mass touristm in a fucked up commercially biergarten.

But my behavior did not stop the tentant of the cafe and his lawyers from making dozens of punishments which had led to countless court rulers who had to go through until recently. In the end I compelled myself, because otherwise still decades (O-tone of the judge) processes had to be led. To the obvious anger of the opposing party, the judge fixed the amount of "only" 2000 Euro as a comparison sum. Ultimately I was compelled to agree because I lack the resources and the time to continue to satisfy the revenge of the cafe guy.

I therefore ask you to make a small donation to fulfill this obligation. Shared suffering - is half the pain. If some of my followers on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Blogsport, Google+ and Ello give a small amount of money (it may also be a bigger one) to the accounts below that disgusting "candy" is finally sucked. I thank you in advance - Tacheles, despite all of this wired "human-stuff" was a grand project and has at least changed the world a little bit - THANKS to all of you.

In the case of a referral please always indicate "legal aid donation" - THANK YOU! Martin Reiter ... Berlin Volksbank Account number: 7142665004 ... Bank code: 100 900 00 IBAN: DE36 1009 0000 7142665004 ... BIC: BEVODEBB


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