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Tacheles’ artists pass on the Kunsthaus to Senator of Culture Wowereit

(Berlin shut down itself...)

Berlin, 22nd June 2012

Tacheles’ artists pass on the Kunsthaus to Senator of Culture Wowereit On 20th June 2012, Kunsthaus Tacheles hast lost the trial against the forced administration of HSH Nordbank and Anno August Jagdfeld. Tacheles  arthouse is therefore facing its last days.

Today, artists of Kunsthaus Tacheles have sent by post the keys of the house to the Senator of Culture Mayor Woereit, together with an open letter. “"We handed over the Kunsthaus to the city of Berlin."

During 22 years artists from all around the world have developed and made Tacheles a landmark place and project for Berlin. During all this time not only the house but also Berlin as a whole has been enriched through the exchange and contributions of international artists. All this is ending now. The creative center of Berlin will be shut down. The sole market can’t guarantee free art.

The responsibility lies solely with the Berlin Senate, because without corrupted politicians there would be no speculative investments. The artists call for the resignation of the Senator of Culture, because a competent Senator for Cultural Affairs would do something intelligent for the city of Berlin with the keys of the house in his/her hands.


Open letter to the Mayor and Culture Senator Klaus Wowereit

Dear Mr. Wowereit Senator for Culture, here we send you the keys of the Kunsthaus Tacheles. On 20th June 2012 the international arthouse has lost the case against the forced administrator of HSH Nordbank and Anno August Jagdfeld. The Kunsthaus Tacheles as we know it is therefore permanently over at this point. This falls under your sole responsibility. It would have been easy to protect the creative center of Berlin in front of sell-out speculators and culture destruction. You did not fulfill your very tasks at all.

We ask you to stop wasting any additional tax money in investment projects, the millions of dollars damages for German tax payers is already more than enough.

In the last years we have been able to develop and enrich the concept of Tacheles at a broadly national and international level. By receiving the keys that we hand over to you, you receive once more an expenses receipt for your amateurish cultural policy in this city. The cultural policy of the State of Berlin destroyed the world-famous cultural city. We urge you to withdraw immediately.

The artists of the Kunsthaus Tacheles

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