Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

SOLIMAIL to stop the eviction of artists: support the Arts, Berlin and Tacheles.

SOLIMAIL to stop the eviction of artists: support the Arts, Berlin and Tacheles.


The installation of the Ecuadorian artist Amaru Cholango was destroyed by the private security of HSH Nordbank (Jagdfeld, Spreer Connection 2012).

SOLIMAIL to stop the eviction of artists: support the Arts, Berlin and Tacheles.

We got back the Blauen Salon (5th floor) , the judicial officer being present, and it was a touching moment.

Sadly, however, the conditions of the space and of the objects inside are terrible. The private security staff (and therefore those who pay for their service, that is Schwemer, Tietz and Tötter together with lawyer Michael Schulz) has violently demaged objects and works of arts that were inside the gallery: nothing is left inside in decent conditions.

Electricity wires and other devices were brutally cut: everything is destroyed and impossible to use.

The exhibition of artist Amaru Cholango (Neue Galerie 5th floor) was greatly damaged. The works were made into pieces and thrown to the floor as they were rubbish. Divider walls were tired down and three projectors, parts of a videoinstallation, were stolen. Never, in 22 years, the 5th floor space has been in worst conditions. This brutal acts can’t be left unpunished. Lawyer Schultz of the Schultz&Seldeneck, who works for Harms Müller Spreer and who collaborates with the administrators (Schwemer, Titz and Tötter) of the HSH Nordbank has to be held responsible for the destruction of the art in Mitte, Berlin.

The Senator for Culture hasn’t done anything concrete and sensible by now for the culture of Berlin, only the resistance brought along by Berliners, artists and Tacheles supporters have kept Tacheles alive in the last 4 years. On the 20th of June, another eviction order is expected to be issued: it has to be stopped!

Send your solimails to those responsible and to those whom it may concern at the following addresses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Here you a have a good sample for your solimail. IN THE PAST YOUR EMAIL HAVE ALWAYS SAVED AND HELPED US: KEEP ON SUPPORTING US AND SHARING THIS BECAUSE ONLY KNOWLEDGE OF REALITY CAN MAKE AND AWARENESS CAN MAKE THINGS CHANGE

Dear Mrs/Mr,

the private security company that operates on behalf of HSH Nordbank as well as on behalf of the lawyers that defend it – that is Mr Schwemer, Titz&Totter and Dt. Michael Schultz from Schultz Seldeneck- has once again demaged works of art that were inside Tacheles spaces, and they did so while keeping on with their strategy to evict artists from the art house.

The works of artist Amaru Cholango were destroyed on purpose. Mr Cholango is worldwide known and he participated to the culture event Documenta. These brutal actions have to be immediately stopped. Stop now the eviction of Tacheles artists.

Lawyers who are dealing with this legal procedures have to be dismissed from their charge in relation to this legal case; through their attitude and bahavioir thay also demage their clients, that is the actual owner of the Tacheles building. These people are workink and represent both the investor (who hasn’t yet bought the property) and the main creditor i.e. HSH Nordbank. And let’s remind and point out one important thing: these behavior are not to be considered unacceptable only in the context of the “Tacheles question”. To save Tacheles, THE BEATING HEART OF MITTE is still POSSIBLE.

Hope to hear and see your answer to my request.

Best regards.

translation: Claudia Di Giacomo
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