Freitag, 30. März 2018

China21 – complete capital communism

(The digital imperative, a wet dream for bureaucrats everywhere)

[German Version]

Translation by Malte Forstat 2018

The digital imperative – the dictatorship of IT is now real. China as the forerunner of an all-encompassing digitalisation. The Party keeps track of everyone, the Party re-forms the individual into a data android made of harvestable flesh and blood – smombie_2.0.

Social ranking, smart glasses for augmented policing, face recognition and real-life tracerouting to transform human society into an inhumane database. The state as an actual high tech apparatus – with citizens being turned into indistinguishable data packets. Humans, the biological entities, being used to lubricate the machine, living biomass as a substitute drug for fossil fuels.

The surveillance and control system Internepp that in the unfree West is being misused to enforce the consumption fascistic interests of corporations and their advertisers, is, under the conditions of neoliberal communism, being transformed into a hyper-totalitarian horror scenario.

But IT dictatorship is not only en vogue with the Chinese. No, stone age-liberal-monarchist (and under the conditions of digitally induced brain death this is by no means a contradiction) ragheads are also getting in on the act.

The Christian West, unfree as a result of self-manipulation, came up with it but is now lagging behind. The con of the 68 generation still lingers. Last remnants of morality and the effect of affluence spread too widely have forced the i-god-kings to tread a little more softly. Terrorism, which is actually marginal and insignificant, and which the police and judiciary could easily deal with – if they wanted to – without any surveillance whatsoever, will nevertheless fulfil its propaganda role to advance the cause of the machine-men.

“Mainstream-vegan smombies are saving the monetary system and destroying the world” – the machine that once was human turns this most idiotic of all possibilities into a reality. We urgently need to think about setting the algorithms free…!

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