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The eternal offspring of the perverted markets

(Image: typical little men in their SUVs, playing for Neo-liberal United.)

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The eternal offspring of the perverted markets
[translated by Malte Forstat]

The problem is simple: These days, people insist on remaining children or adolescents. The reality of consumption fascism turns individuals into some sort of warriors of the market: shopping is a battle; consuming is labour.

The grown-ups in our society use stupidity and ignorance as both a survival strategy and an excuse. As is the case for 6 to 16 year-olds, the scope of perception is limited to the ego, which in the case of children is kept in check by the parents, who, as it were, are an integral part if the child’s ego.

For the perpetually adolescent adults, on the other hand, this counterbalance does not exist. In the oversized child consumers, their own pathologically exaggerated sense of self is the only platform for perception. The frustration about the fact that all the other children in the playground, equally trapped in perpetual infancy, don’t want to play with them results in a permanent state of unhappiness. This, in turn, is compensated by consuming even more. The supposed freedom of the markets is the foundation of all unhappiness; this false freedom uses misery as a medium for accumulation [Akkumulationsmedium].

Despite the slaughter of millions in computer games or in wide-screen-3D, despite making everything sexually charged with everyday porn, from advertising and the tumescent cars in our cheap deluxe cities, this adolescent narcissistic unhappiness has no end. Even more fetishes that promise happiness are to be devoured without ever really satiating us. This textbook addiction situation with all its destructive qualities is what our society chooses to call a ‘free market’.

This attention deficit disorder, which does have its biological function in the early mental development of an adolescent person, become an all-encompassing problem when applied to the world of grown-up consumer fascism. Put differently: When a 70-year-old university professor in a [Schlägerbrille] initiates criminals to commit a violent act just to satisfy his own personal feelings, no matter which ones, decent civilised society is no longer possible.

The survival of the fittest as we know it from the animal realm is thus reassigned to human society. This backwards development has been going on for millennia. Between marauding crusaders, driven by religious delusions, heading south on their way to hack people to death or murderous corporations that utilise market religious delusions to annihilate entire strata of society, there is but one difference: Today, the number of victims is much higher and the suffering that is caused can, once it has been run through the media machine, be resold to the consumer children.

The market for authentic real-life dying has never been so strong. We as human beings need to resist that if we don’t want to end up as sick and crazy children. Democracy should not be about ‘anything goes’, nor should it be a mechanism for envy that adheres to the sense of ‘as long as other people don’t have more than me’. Just as with liberty, this is first and foremost about fairness and justice, and that cannot be bought and sold, in spite of what the legal profession seems to be suggesting these days.

Why not grow up for a change? Try new ways of thinking, throw away your SUV, wash the blond dye out of your hair and just be happy.

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